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tho despite the old version was played. (the aformentioned issue by someone happened during recording session, but not on this one.) This is a very fun game!

Really reminds me of Silhouette Mirage or Ikaruga.

It took me a while to understand it at first, but the mechanics are very interesting! I got stuck on level 2,  I shot for a long time and broke both shields but it doesn't seem to be lowering the boss's life, is there any way to know if I'm killing him or any particular place I should shoot?

I love the art of this game, congratulations! ♥

thanks😄😄!! I made the hitbox of hand bigger. I think it'll help you now.



i updated it!


tried it, I'm bad with slightly complex gameplay like this but the game is fun! It's easy to get lost in which character is where and so on. Also, art and music are gorgeous.

controls say arrow keys work for moving, which wasn't the case for me, but wasd worked instead.

thank you for review. I wrote the control wrong 😅 I fixed it now.