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Mad and Libble are the best agents of SSS, so their attacks automatically aim at the enemy. Your role as an operator is to help agents avoid enemy bullets and attack from an effective position. ready to stop the evil scientist's plot and save the planet?


Movement WASD key and mouse
Swapleft mouse button
Global volumedecrease : num1, increase : num2

How to play

  1. Mad has a slow, short, but strong attack, and Libble  has a quick, long, but weak attack. All attacks automatically aim at the enemy.
  2. Move two characters with the WASD key and mouse cursor.
  3. Press the left mouse button to swap the position of the character on the WASD and cursor. The swap consumes the gauge  (top left of the screen, below the HP bar  ).
  4. when the WASD character is hit by a regular bullet  , HP reduced. The mouse cursor character is invincible to all bullets, but the attack is weakened.
  5. The WASD character is invincible for attacks of the same color and symbol. Also, both characters can destroy obstacles of the same colors and symbols. Mad : Libble : 
  6. Win when Boss HP is zero.
  7. If you lose and return to the title screen, you can try the same stage again if you don't refresh the page or exit the game.

mad와 libble은 SSS 최고의 요원이기 때문에 그들의 공격은 자동으로 적을 조준합니다. 오퍼레이터로서 당신의 역할은 요원들이 적의 총알을 피하고 효과적인 위치에서 공격할 수 있도록 돕는 것입니다. 사악한 과학자의 음모를 막고 지구를 구할 준비가 됐나요?


이동WASD 키와 마우스
스왑마우스 좌클릭
전체 볼륨감소 : 숫자키 1 , 증가 : 숫자키 2

게임 방법

  1. 매드  는 느리고 짧지만 강한 공격을 합니다. 리블  은 빠르고 길지만 약한 공격을 합니다. 모든 공격은 자동으로 적을 조준합니다.
  2. 두 캐릭터를 WASD 키와 마우스 커서로 조작합니다.
  3. 마우스 좌클릭으로 WASD 키와 마우스 커서의 캐릭터 위치를 스왑(전환)합니다. 스왑은 게이지  (화면 좌상단, HP 바  아래)를 소모합니다.
  4. WASD 키 캐릭터가 일반 총알  에 맞을 경우 HP가 감소합니다. 마우스 커서의 캐릭터는 모든 공격에 무적이지만 공격력이 약화됩니다.
  5. WASD 키의 캐릭터는 같은 색과 심볼의 공격에 무적입니다. 또한, 두 캐릭터 모두 같은 색과 심볼의 오브젝트를 파괴할 수 있습니다. 매드 :  리블 : 
  6. 보스의 체력이 0이 되면 승리합니다.
  7. 패배해서 타이틀 화면으로 돌아가더라도 페이지를 새로고침하거나 게임을 종료하지 않는다면 같은 스테이지에 다시 도전할 수 있습니다.

Updated 23 days ago
Published 25 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date 25 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsBBUNSIK, K00sin
Made withGDevelop, Aseprite
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up, Top down shooter
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Textless


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tho despite the old version was played. (the aformentioned issue by someone happened during recording session, but not on this one.) This is a very fun game!

Really reminds me of Silhouette Mirage or Ikaruga.

It took me a while to understand it at first, but the mechanics are very interesting! I got stuck on level 2,  I shot for a long time and broke both shields but it doesn't seem to be lowering the boss's life, is there any way to know if I'm killing him or any particular place I should shoot?

I love the art of this game, congratulations! ♥

thanks😄😄!! I made the hitbox of hand bigger. I think it'll help you now.



i updated it!


tried it, I'm bad with slightly complex gameplay like this but the game is fun! It's easy to get lost in which character is where and so on. Also, art and music are gorgeous.

controls say arrow keys work for moving, which wasn't the case for me, but wasd worked instead.

thank you for review. I wrote the control wrong 😅 I fixed it now.